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Top 10 Mattress Brands That Help You Get Much-needed Sleep

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Top 10 Mattress Brands That Help You Get Much-needed Sleep

Around 70 million people in the United States alone suffer from insomnia. There are many reasons why sleep problems may arise, but they often have to do with the type of mattress a person is using. If you often find yourself tossing and turning on your mattress and can’t seem to get comfortable, you should find yourself another one.

But where should you start? After all, there are so many mattress brands to choose from. Keep reading and learn more about the top mattress brands out there so you can choose the best one for you and your sleep habits.

1. Purple

Purple is a very popular mattress brand for a variety of reasons. One of the most prominent reasons likely has to do with the fact that this brand uses many unique mattress materials. For example, many of their most popular mattresses utilize a gel grid.

What is a gel grid, you might ask? It is a particular type of mattress design that allows the mattress to easily mold to the person’s body even if they move around at night. This mattress brand is well-known for relieving excess pressure in a person’s joints, especially in the hips, knees, and spine.

2. Sleep Number

Sleep Number mattresses are famous for their adjustable nature. According to this brand, everyone has a unique mattress number that is ideal for them and their sleep style. Some might prefer very firm mattresses while others might like light and fluffy mattresses or those tilted at a certain angle.

This brand’s mattresses are connected to an app so you can change different variables about the mattress so that it is to your liking. This involves changing the firmness, temperature, and elevation of different parts of the bed.

The possibilities are endless with a mattress from this brand.

3. Casper

What’s so great about Casper mattresses, you might ask? These mattresses are relatively simple and their main characteristic about them is that they consist of two foam layers. But what if you don’t like foam layers in your mattress?

If that’s the case, don’t worry. You can also choose a mattress that is a hybrid between foam and springs. That way, you can get the support of the mattress springs as well as the softness of the foam.

Some even have gel pods to give the mattress even more support. This is ideal for taking pressure off a person’s joints.

4. Avocado

You might not have heard about this mattress brand before since it is not quite as popular as the other mattress giants mentioned before, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t still a good brand. Avocado mattresses are certified to be made of completely organic and non-toxic materials.

This is much more than what most mattress brands can say about their products. This brand makes its mattresses out of a variety of high-quality, natural materials such as wool, latex, cotton, and so on. So, if you care about the environment, you likely will enjoy this mattress brand.

5. Saatva

This brand has a very large selection of different mattress sizes. The largest size you can get is a California king which should be more than enough to accommodate you, even if you tend to toss and turn all night. These mattresses are made of a variety of layers and different materials.

The materials that this brand uses include foam, wool, and latex, among others. Some of the mattresses also have springs for an added boost of support. For the mattresses that contain cotton, the cotton has been treated in a special way so that it shouldn’t contain any harmful bacteria.

6. Sapphire Sleep

Sapphire Sleep is a brand that mainly makes its mattresses out of foam. So, if you prefer old-fashioned mattresses with springs in them and without any foam, this might not be the right brand for you. But if you love foam mattresses, then this brand might be a match made in heaven for you.

There are, however, a few hybrid options that include both springs and foam so you can get the best of both worlds. As for the pure foam mattresses, they are very supportive.

7. Sealy

If you find that your current mattress doesn’t support your back enough, then you should switch it out with a Sealy mattress. Most mattresses from this brand are designed to give the spine much more support. This is important because if your back isn’t supported throughout the night, you could easily wake up with back pain in the morning.

This brand also has its famous Posturepedic mattress models that are especially good at keeping your spine in alignment throughout the night. Sleeping on mattresses like these should ensure that you don’t wake up with any aches or pains in the morning.

8. Winkbeds

The great thing about this brand is that it has a lifetime warranty on all of its mattresses. So, if something happens to damage your mattress in some way, Winkbeds won’t hesitate to help you out. But what about the comfort of these mattresses?

You will find that this brand offers a variety of firmness options to appease just about everyone.

9. Brooklyn Bedding

This brand is unique because it gives you the option of customizing your mattress. That way, you can end up with the perfect mattress.

You can also choose a non-customized option which should still be a very good option too.

10. Nectar

If you tend to have pain in your hips or shoulders, this mattress brand is perfect for you.

Mattresses from this brand are designed to take pressure off the hips, spine, and shoulders so you can sleep more comfortably.

The Best Mattress Brands

As you have seen, there are many mattress brands to choose from. Some may be better than others for your unique sleep style and some of them have special characteristics. Whatever the case, all of these mattresses are high-quality choices and can certainly help improve your quality of sleep.

To learn more about mattress brands, don’t hesitate to click here to see what kind of options we have available.

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