how much does a mattress weigh

There are two times most people wonder about the weight of their mattress. The first is when they buy a new mattress and must figure out whether they can transport and set it up by themselves. The other is on moving day.

How much does a mattress weigh?

You might be surprised to learn that mattresses weigh between 30 and 200 pounds. The range is so wide due to several factors, including mattress size.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of average mattress weight and how it impacts your buying decisions. Take a minute and read so that you’re better prepared when shopping for mattresses online or in person.

What Determines Average Mattress Weight?

Mattress weight can vary based on three factors. The type of mattress is one, but size and thickness play a role.


Length and width matter when calculating mattress weight. These measurements make up the total surface area of a mattress. The bigger the mattress, the more it weighs.

When shopping for mattresses for adults, the smallest size you can buy is Twin. The largest—and heaviest—is King.

Mattress Type

Different types of mattresses vary in weight due to the technologies used in manufacturing.

Innerspring and pocket coil mattresses have metallic coils on the inside. Memory foam mattresses are made from polyurethane. Natural latex mattresses contain tree sap.


The height of a mattress also plays a role in weight. Each size mattress may be available in 4-5 different thicknesses. Each increase in height variance increases the overall weight of the mattress.

In the next section, we’ll look at average mattress weight based on size.

Mattress Size Matters

You likely already know what size mattress you need but may not realize that size matters not only when calculating the weight. You also want your new mattress to fit your available space.

Here are the average weights for each mattress size:


Twin mattresses work best for children and toddlers, although adults can get a good night’s sleep on one as long as they can fit comfortably on a 12-inch mattress. A twin mattress weighs between 45 and 70 pounds.

Twin XL

A Twin XL adds 5 inches to the length of the mattress. The extra length increases the weight to between 45 and 75 pounds. This size mattress works well if you only need to accommodate one additional guest.


Both adults and youth can sleep well on a full-size mattress. A full is the same length as a standard Twin but much wider (54 inches). The average weight is between 50 and 100 pounds.


A queen-size mattress is about 6 inches wider than a full-size mattress. The extra width increases the weight to between 60 and 120 pounds. The queen mattress is the most popular choice for couples.


Why not buy a king-size mattress if you have a big enough space? You’ll add roughly 16 inches to the width. A King mattress weighs between 80 and 160 pounds.

There’s one more size to look at—the California King—and while there isn’t a huge difference in weight or sleep surface, there is a variation in dimension.

What About the California King Mattress?

A standard King mattress measures 76 x 80 inches. A California King is 72″ x 84″, meaning it should weigh slightly less, right?

A California King mattress weighs about the same as a standard King.

What you lose in width, you gain in height, making a California King a great choice if you’re a couple and one person is taller than the other. Or if you have pets that enjoy sleeping at the end of your bed.

How Much Does a Mattress Weigh Based on Technology?

It’s not just size that matters when calculating mattress weight. Technology also plays a role.

Here are the average mattress weights based on the materials used to put them together:

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses contain two separate foam layers. The base is high-density foam, while the foam in the second layer is low-density. foam. The memory foam mattress weighs between 40 and 100 pounds.

Natural Latex

The weight of a latex mattress is based on firmness. These mattresses are all mass due to the natural density of latex foam rubber. If you choose a latex mattress, the weight will be between 73 and 221 pounds depending on the size.


The weight of an innerspring mattress depends on spring thickness and the type of foam or fiber that makes up the outer part of the mattress. Of course, mattress size also makes a difference. So does adding a pillowtop.

Generally, innerspring mattresses weigh between 70 and 150 pounds.

Next, we’ll discuss one more type of mattress, the hybrid.

How Much Does a Hybrid Mattress Weigh?

So far, we’ve covered the most common types of mattresses. There is another popular mattress type known as the hybrid mattress.

As the name implies, a hybrid mattress combines the benefits of two different types of mattresses: innerspring and memory foam.

A hybrid mattress features a coil spring base. The top layer measures at least two inches of material constructed from either latex or polyurethane foam.

A queen-size hybrid mattress could weigh over 100 pounds.

Why Mattress Weight Matters

Of course, mattress weight matters if you’re responsible for getting it home and up the stairs of your multi-level home or apartment. But weight isn’t the only essential when considering how you’ll move a mattress around.

Weight can impact sleep quality, but it’s a secondary concern. The materials used to manufacture your new mattress can make or break your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

Generally, a heavier mattress makes a better-quality purchase.

Heavier mattresses don’t move around as much on the base. This means they tend to maintain size and shape longer.

Yes, they’re more challenging to move, and you may pay more to ship them if you’re shopping for mattresses online. Most sleepers gladly exchange a tiny bit of inconvenience for much better sleep quality.

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